En Fut

What is En Fut?

For my Design Studio II class for Graphic and Web Design, year 3, at John Abbott College. I came up with a business, a resto-bar, named En Fut, and designed a logo, business card, menu and website, as well as a Infographic of the best neighbourhoods in Montreal to open a bar.

The Logo

When designing the logo, I decided to use a script font, Signpainter Housescript Semibold, for a modern look and changed designed the first letter, E as a lower case e made to look like an 8 ball pool ball, and an arrow pointing towards it as added emphasis.

I went with a simple colour scheme of a bright orange and dark grey, which gives a nice contrast that works well on a white background, and added a white stroke around the letter e when on a dark background so it is still clearly seen.

En Fut logo Design
En Fut logo Design

Business card

When designing the business card for En Fut, I made it simple and easy to follow, placing the information in a hierarchy of importance, starting with the company logo on a white background, followed by the opening hours, contact information and lastly the location, in descending font sizes in a bold serif font, and icons dividing each section.

For the back of the card, I found a about drinking beer, and placed it on a background of illustrated beer bubbles to put emphasis, on the beer aspect of a bar and unify the yellow and orange colour scheme of the brand as a whole.

En Fut business card
En Fut business card mockup

Restaurant Menu

I designed the menu with the same colour scheme as the brand, but added a blurred abstracted image of branches with a red tint that complements the yellows and oranges but gives enough contrast for the text to be legible. I structured the menu item sections like dropdown menus in a similar fashion as I did for the business card, which was a great way to divide the sections in a uniform way.

En Fut Restaurant Menu
En Fut Restaurant Menu

An infographic

For the project of designing this business, I needed to design an infographic relevant to the project. I decided to research the most ideal areas to open a resto-bar in the Montreal area, and called it “En Fut – Statistics of the optimal regions of Montreal to open a bar / Restaurant. When designing it, I decided use the brands colour scheme, and font for the title, the sections of information are placed in rounded corner boxes in a slightly darker shaded of the background to decided the sections in a simple and easy to read layout.

En Fut Infographic
En Fut Infographic

Night Lights

Night Lights is a mockup design of a magazine cover to feature an advertisement for En Fut the restaurant. For the ad, I illustrated a bubbly beer and a burger behind it to emphasize the food aspect as well as the drinking of the resto-bar. The restaurants logo is placed on the top right of the illustration so that it is the most visible part of the ad, after the illustration, and lastly the contact information and location at the bottom, in plain white on black so that it doesn’t distract from the main subject of the ad.

En Fut advertisement - Night Lights Magazine
En Fut advertisement – Night Lights Magazine

Lastly there is the website for the brand, unfortunately it is currently experiencing complications.


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